Larchmont - Mamaroneck Sanitation Commission
Larchmont - Mamaroneck Sanitation Commission

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General Rules & Instructions

Household and Kitchen Garbage Collection

Garbage is set out twice a week, on either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Garbage must not be set out earlier than the night before pickup, and must be ready for pickup by 7am on your scheduled days.

You may put out up to 3 bags or 3 barrels each pickup, each having a maximum volume of 35 gallons. No container can weigh more than 75 pounds.

Garbage must be placed in a consistent and accessible location, either at the side or rear of your house or at curbside. You are responsible for maintaining a clear pathway to where you have placed the garbage, including clearing out any snow and ice.

If you put out garbage by 7am and it wasn't picked up by noon, please call 381-7810, and give your name, address, date, and number.

All garbage must be bagged, not loose in a container, and may be placed in a waterproof metal or heavy plastic outdoor container with a secure lid.

Garbage sheds are permitted, but sunken or in-ground receptacles are prohibited.

Metal must be removed from all rubbish and trash and picked up separately.


The Sanitation Facility is located at 40 Maxwell Avenue. Residents may bring household garbage, rubbish, yard waste, or recycling to the facility from 8:00am – 3:00pm Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays; Tuesdays from 8:00am – 2:00pm; and Saturdays from 8:00am – 11:45am. Residents may be asked to verify residency in the Village of Larchmont or Town of Mamaroneck. The facility is closed Wednesdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Please call ahead to 381-7810 if you have any questions about what can be brought to this facility.

Recycling – Paper, Plastic, Glass, and Metal

Mamaroneck and Larchmont Recycle – it's the law!

Recycling is collected Wednesday mornings, and must be placed by 7am.

You must use a bin or open garbage can for recyclables; do not use a plastic bag. Bins can be purchased for $10, and lids for $5, at Mamaroneck Town Center or Larchmont Village Hall.

In one container...

  • Plastics 1 through 7
  • Glass jars
  • Beverage bottles/cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Food jars
  • Aluminum foil/trays
  • Detergent bottles
  • Milk/juice cartons

In a brown paper bag, bin, cardboard box, clean garbage can, or tied with string...

  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues, junk mail, office paper, telephone book, paperbacks, brochures, ads, letters, paper bags, and envelopes.
  • Cereal and pizza boxes, as well as other corrugated cardboard or gray cardboard, must be broken down and flattened, then tied or bundled together. Excess adhesives and staples must be removed.

Not for weekly recycling...

  • Plastic Bags

  • Rigid plastics or toys
  • Bulk metal or paint cans
  • Metal hangers or silverware
  • Rubbish or yard waste
  • Glassware or pane glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Packing peanuts

Large Items

Weekly Rubbish Collection

Rubbish is set out once a week, at the same time as your second scheduled garbage pickup on either Thursday or Friday morning. Rubbish should be set out by 7am. Regardless of where you set out garbage, rubbish must be placed at the curb or edge of your property, but not in the street.

Different types of rubbish and large items are governed by different rules; please carefully consult these rules to ensure that your rubbish is collected.

Must be brought to 40 Maxwell Avenue...

  • Large glass objects.

To schedule pickup of the following items,
Call the Highway Department by 2pm Tuesday
Village of Larchmont: 834-6965
Town of Mamaroneck: 381-7825

  • Metal items. Any large metal rubbish – such as a metal bed frame, a bicycle, or a whole set of pots and pans.
  • Major household appliances. After removing any freon – washers, driers, freezers, stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers.

Caution! Extra care needed...

  • Dog or pet waste. Should be disposed of with your household garbage. All small bags should be consolidated into one plastic bag, and placed inside of your garbage container.
  • Household sharps. Use a leakproof, shatterproof, puncture-proof container with a screw on top. Label. Put the container with your garbage.
  • Acid, chemicals, solvents, etc... Call 813-5425.
  • Long fluorescent bulbs. Call 813-5425.
  • CFLs. Accepted at Home Depot and True Value.

Can always be placed by the curb...

  • Furniture pieces. No more than 2 (two) pieces per pickup. All metal must be removed.
  • Hardcover books. Paperbacks should be put out with your weekly recycling pickup.
  • Sofa beds. Metal bed frames must be removed.
  • Mattresses and box springs. Must be wrapped in plastic.
  • Wood pieces. Maximum of 4 feet x 6 inches. Must be tied in manageable bundles.

Must be disposed of privately...

  • Tires. Bring back to the dealership.
  • Large ceramics, including toilets and sinks, flower pots, and ceramic tiles.
  • Non-burnable materials, including, building materials, construction debris, wood or metal frame windows, screens, tree stumps, dirt, and rocks or stones. Contractors must remove and dispose of all construction debris.
  • Extra large items, including pianos, armoires, pool tables, bath tubs, etc...

Household Material Recovery Facility

Westchester County has opened a permanent Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) on the Grasslands Campus in Valhalla. The H-MRF accepts household chemicals, electronics, Freon containing appliances, scrap tires, BBQ tanks, and confidential documents for shredding. The H-MRF is open 3 days a week, including Saturdays. Residents must schedule an appointment to drop off waste at the site. Residents can get more information about the H-MRF, including how to schedule an appointment, at or by calling the County's 24/7 Recycling HelpLine at (914) 813-5425.

Yard Waste; Protecting our Waterways

Weekly Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is collected once a week on your second garbage pickup on either Thursday or Friday morning. Organic waste should be set out by 7am. Yard Waste Collection happens at your home from April 1 until October 31; the rest of the year yard waste should be brought to the Maxwell Avenue facility.

It is illegal to mix yard waste and either household garbage or recycling.

Yard waste must be placed at the curb for collection the night before your scheduled pickup.

Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable brown paper bags or into a garbage can with nothing else in it. Yard waste placed in a plastic bag or in another type of container will not be picked up.

Tree branches and twigs cannot be longer than 4 feet long and no more than 4 inches in diameter, and either tied or placed into a biodegradable bag or otherwise empty garbage can.

Special Instructions for Holiday Season: December 30 – January 17

From December 30, 2017 until January 17, the Town and Village Highway Departments will collect Holiday Season trees. Trees and holiday wreaths must be placed at curbside for collection without plastic bags or metal wiring. Before December 30 or after January 17 holiday trees fall under the standard rules for disposal of yard waste and must be brought to the Maxwell Avenue Facility.

Help Protect our Waterways!

What not to flush down the toilet (or dump in a storm drain)

Improperly disposing of garbage and household refuse can have significant impacts on our rivers, streams, ponds, and Long Island Sound – and can even make flooding in our Town and Village worse. You can help prevent blocked sewer lines, clogged equipment in sewage pump stations, and polluted water if you're careful about what you flush down the toilet, dump in the sink, pour down the storm drain, or onto the ground in your driveway or backyard.

  • Wipes are a major cause of sewer problems. They do not break down on their way through the pipes to the treatment plant. Even if advertised as "flushable," they should be thrown in the garbage, not the toilet.
  • Grease, oils, and fats. These solidify and can block your own household pipes as well as the sewer line. Collect them in an old jar with a lid, store them in the refrigerator, and throw them in the garbage when full.
  • Chemicals. Everything from paint to anti-freeze, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, kerosene, and motor oil is toxic to our environment.
  • Other cloggers, such as paper towels, rags, diapers, bandages, band aids, litter and tissues. These should all be thrown in the garbage.
  • Plastic of any kind. Once it's in the water, Plastic does not break down and has to be physically removed.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Drugs can have major impacts on organisms up and down the food chain, and on us.

Special Instructions: Electronics and Leaves

Electronic Waste

Residents of the Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont must bring all electronic waste directly to the Maxwell Avenue Facility or to the Westchester County H-MRF in Valhalla. Please consult the appropriate procedures above.

Do not put out electronic waste with your rubbish, recycling, or garbage for curbside pickup. Alkaloid and Carbon-Zinc batteries can be safely discarded in the trash.

What is considered E-Waste?

  • Computers and laptops
  • Televisions
  • VCRs, DVD Players, and DVRs
  • Gamily Consoles
  • Copiers and printers
  • Stereos and Radios
  • Cellphones
  • iPods, CD Players, and other digital media players

Personal Privacy Protection

Improperly disposing of electronics can put your personal information and private electronic data at risk – increasing the risk of identity theft and other harmful consequences. To protect your privacy, make sure you thoroughly wipe your hard drive before donating or disposing of your electronics. Simply deleting files is not enough; traces of your personal data remain unless you download dedicated software or bring your electronics to a licensed retailer.

Leaf Removal – Please Limit Blower Use!


Along with our neighbors along the Sound Shore and across Westchester, we are encouraging residents to mulch their leaves. Mulching leaves – mowing them in place – provides natural fertilization and protected for your yard before the winter strikes.

Mulching is good for the environment and good for your lawn, and we hope you'll consider it this year!


We will pickup fall leaves that have been raked loose to the curb or collected in bio-degradable bags. They cannot be mixed with any tree or bush debris. Pickup is once a week, on the day your yard waste would be picked up the rest of the year. If they are mixed with other yard waste, they won't be picked up.

Town of Mamaroneck:
October 26 – December 22
Village of Larchmont: October 12 – December 29